Decorating your house can be a hard and long work, but it has a lot of benefits for your mental health, it´s proven that organizing and beautifying your home can calm your anxiety, reduce your stress levels, lower your heart rate, and even increase your sleep quality. Imagine getting all of this benefits by just decorating and creating a soothing environment around you, so why not make it easy on yourself and create a pleasant home for your whole family? But we know it´s not that easy, let’s be real, sometimes we don’t even know where to start organizing. Don’t worry, we got your back with these five ideas to get you started on this process:
1. A family sign:
Get creative with this one, it´ll be super fun and can be personalized to your needs. Have your kids make some art, use family photos for a collage, or even use or create a phrase that describes your family.
2. A family tree painting:
Knowing your roots, knowing where you come from, is important, family is important. Painting a family tree can link you back to some incredible relatives you may not have know you were linked to.

Family Crafting Together at Home
3. Family game night:
Having this night can be an incredible opportunity for bonding and sharing some time together. Imagine playing a fun game while eating your favorite foods, listening to music, a game night is guaranteed to be full of laughter and entertainment.

Friendly family eating pizza in new house
4. Decorate your house with a family mission statement:
This can be a great way to know the “why” of your family, what is your mission, your values, where are you heading to. As we already know, our first mission will be decorating your house, try to do it like a poster and place it somewhere where all your family members can see it.
Family stacking their hand on yellow background with roof made of wooden blocks above their hands
5. Create a family playlist together:
We all know everything’s better when it has got music in it. So, a family playlist will be the perfect background track for your organizing journey.

Don´t forget to include everyone’s favorite music, with a playlist that includes everyone’s favorite music, you´ve got another thing to bond over.
Valery V., May 02, 2021
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