Getting your house to feel and look both clean and organized can be a frustrating and complicated task, but it can be great for you, you´ll get some life changing advantages by being organized. For example, you´ll save time, you´ll free up your mind and space, you´ll increase your productivity and you´ll become healthier and happier.

Here are four steps to get you on your way to clean and organize your home:
1. Arrange items in accordance with how often you use them:
Give priority to your most important and useful items, you can keep them in a visible and accessible place. This way, you can keep away the one’s you don´t use a lot, in a safe place so they don´t take up space.

2. Learn to delegate:
For example, have your kids start organizing their toys, or have your partner put away the dishes. All members of your family can help with different tasks and chores and you will finish faster.

Young diverse little boy vacuuming the living room of his house doing chores
3. Make "to do" lists for your housework:
This will sort out your chores and make cleaning a lot more manageable. Plus, it can help you to make sure that no pending task is left undone. It can even reduce your stress and anxiety because it lets you plan and organize all your house work.

4. Keep a constant supply of cleaners nearby:


You should have some essential products for cleaning your house like cloths and towels, sponges, a vacuum, reusable gloves, and others. In case you have pets, it would be useful having odor-resistant pet supplies too.
Andres Velasquez, May 02, 2021
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